When is the best time to buy a boat?

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There are many factors to consider before you start buying a boat, including choosing the best time to buy.  In this article we give you some advice so that you can prepare the purchase with time and find the best opportunities to buy as in Marinemax Miami

Buying a boat: the time is now, but slowly

That’s it, I’ve decided I want to buy a boat! As far as possible, before making a decision it is better not to rush and to take into account some previous questions: the price of the boat, the availability of moorings, the paperwork, the repairs and also to think about the best moment to start the purchase process. 

It is clear that the desire to buy arises with the spring or with the siren calls in the coves of August, but it is necessary to have very clear what to buy, how and when. 

August is not usually a good month to find an agency that takes care of the paperwork, or a mechanic that can check an engine, or a sailmaker that repairs some seams. 

The best period will depend a lot on whether you want to buy a new or second hand boat, not only because of the temporary aspect, but because they are two different operations.

  • New boat: start in autumn

If you want to buy a new boat there are different times of the year to pay attention. 

Depending on the size and type of boat you want to buy, the search could start as early as the end of January at Marinemax Miami: in the middle of winter, yes, but at the most important boat show in the world and where the main brands in the sector present their novelties. 

Then, in spring shows and especially in September/October) you can do some sea trials. In the months of November and December, when you will have had the opportunity to visit all the boat shows and fairs that were within your reach, you will be able to start defining your purchase.

You will have time to configure the boat without hurry, after having analyzed the extras offered by the shipyard and the elements you want to add on your own, and install them with enough time before the season starts. 

We could say that this is the most recommendable way to carry out the operation so that the result fits as best as possible to the boat you want.

  • Boats in stock: May and June

Another ideal time to buy a new boat is between the months of May and June. In this period the nautical companies need to free themselves from their stock, to maintain the sales volume agreed with the shipyard, or because they need to sell in order to receive the new model. 

For these reasons they are forced to reduce the price and good offers can be found. The only drawback is that in this case the configuration of the boat is already established and no big changes can be made because, in addition, the season is underway and both boatyards and service companies usually have their agendas full.

Before choosing a boat, if you have already decided to sail or motor, it is very important that you are clear about the type of sailing you want to do, if you prefer long journeys or want to go out alone at weekends. Obviously, you will have an idea of what you can spend and the cost of having a boat. 

You will know that a boat is not an investment and that, if you buy a new one, after a decade and depending on its condition, it will keep approximately 50% of its initial value. But do not be discouraged: there are many options for tight budgets, like Marinemax Miami, even for the value of a used car, and if the important thing for you is to sail, you will find the best way to do it with the boat that best suits your needs.